Our Mission Statement:
Our goals here at the Bowl-O-Drome are simple. To provide our customers with a clean, comfortable, family oriented atmosphere and to deliver quality service in the most up to date Bowling Center that we possibly can.

Our History
(short version)
The Grove City Bowl-O-Drome was relocated and built at its present location in 1958-59 by the then owner John Kuzma. John owned and operated the Bowl-O-Drome until 1971 when he sold it to Thomas & Arlene Marano. In 1979-80 the new owners added on to the front of the Bowl-O-Drome. Currently located on the lower level of this building is Super Bowl Video and a 3 bedroom apartment occupies the upper level. Automatic Scoring was installed at the Bowl-O-Drome in 1982 making it the first Bowling Center in Mercer County to install automatic scoring and it would remain the only bowling center in the county with automatic scoring until 1995. In 1983-84 Thomas and Arlene again added on to the Bowl-O-Drome this time to back of the building.This building housed an indoor swimming pool and was used for many years as a health and fitness center. This 2 story addition has recently (2002-03) been completely renovated into eight apartments by the current owners (Richard & Amy Marano). Thomas & Arlene Marano sold the Bowl-O-Drome in 1990 to their son Richard and his wife Amy. A 3rd addition was made to the Bowl-O-Drome in 1993 by the current owners, this addition houses 8 handicap accessible, smoke free lanes. In the summer of 1999 a major remodeling was done at which time second generation of automatic scoring was installed along with an automated bumper bowling system and state of the art synthetic lane surfaces. This is more than 40 years history ( short version ) of the Bowl-O-Drome since it was relocated at its present location. The ( long version ) of the Bowl-O-Drome history complete with photos and in depth information is being written and will be available soon.